Insurance Money for the Widows – Oxygen, Food and Water in the Form of Cash

Civilization may have spread like wildfire all over the globe, but it can never reach every single corner of the world, just as a light cannot reach every single particle in a scene. When it comes to the third world countries, the illiterate portion of the society has loud mouths, long tongues, and usually hallucinating eyes. In such devils, how can the women, and widows for that matter, survive? Even in the West, which has reached the peak of education and civilization, violence against women continues to soar. While the governments have made laws to protect the people from crimes, the matter of financial security for the widows is heavily debated in the Parliaments of every country. As such, we see that every country’s law protects and aids these women as much as possible.

 Insurance Money for the Widows   Oxygen, Food and Water in the Form of CashThe widow pension allowance money given to the widows is called the widow’s pension. It is given when the husband has had at 156 PRSI in his life, or according to the change to be implemented from December 2013, 260 PRSI. This PRSI denotes social insurance payments that are made to ensure the safety of the wife in the event of the husband’s death. Furthermore, the deceased one must have made 39 contributions in the five years he lived before his death. About 24 payments must have been made each year, counting from the year in which the policy was first bought. However, exceptions are made when the husband is already receiving a transition or a contributory state pension. In that case, these criteria are no longer applicable.

The widow has to apply for the pension within six months of her husband’s death. This span of six months encompasses possible delays that may occur due to disease or illness, or the incapability to acquire proper knowledge about the rules. Forms are present on certain websites; NGOs may also be contacted for the purpose.

The rules state that the widow pension allowance is subject to increment if the widow has to raise kids. The money given increases until the children reach 18 years of age, or, in certain cases, 22 years of age. However, if the widow remarries, the pension is nullified. If, as occurs in abroad, she starts living with a man who is capable of meeting her financial needs, the pension is again nullified.

It must be known to all those concerned that money is paid whether or not there is a second source of income. However, in this case, the pension is taxable. Otherwise, no tax is to be implemented on it.

Such rules are a boon for the women all over the world. When a woman becomes a widow, she has to face the world; she has to raise her kids alone; she has to earn and live for herself and her family. It is her right to claim this money, as there is a right to live, and no right to die. It is important to spread awareness regarding this topic, so that every woman can benefit, and no nation has to lose potentially good citizens under the menace of death of one.

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